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Parchment Wings
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{artwork by Luis Royo©}

by ~*Rain~*©
Looking over at the gorgeous creature laying beneath him, as she smiled evily, momentarily and closed her eyes, resting he realized how much he loved her. She was the only one who seemed to fully understand his lust and insane cravings and gave them all to him without reservation. Obrey was perfectly matched for him in every way and always had been, ever since he first laid eyes on her years ago, seeming to come out of all the dark dreams and perversions of his brain, she was his only escape from the darkness that controlled him. Obrey gave him peace. She alone gave him release and rescued him from himself.

Obrey's eyes flickered rapidly.. posessed...the black pools darkening even more as the crimson blood spilled out of the sides... arching voluntarily against Him thrusting her aching body to her demon lover in surrender....... tightening her grip his neck and groaning loudly, low and deeply somewhere in her throat...taking one finger and slashing it across Donovan's chest..the sight of his dark blood making the dark angel hotter..... releasing herself to him completely~*.......

feeling her flesh tear open at his fingers' touch ,

Donovan gasped in a bloodchurning moan as the pleasure of drinking engulfed their souls, looking down his own blood, and then upon Obrey's sunken, sexy, bloodied flesh. He offered up to Obrey his blood. Looking at him through blood red eyes, seeking out Donovan's body and his blood desparately, hungrily, snarling at him, challenging his resolve, she took the sharp, silver engraved envelope knife that was twisting her hair out and shoved it deep into her clavacle... slashing both her right and left areolas intentionally. Obrey looked up at Donovan and impulsively ran her sharp nails down his taut chest, digging her tallons deep into his desirable flesh, scarring him, slicing his nipples as well with her silver dagger, breaking them open as she pulled the bloody rascal to her aching form tightly, mingling her hot blood with his as she pulled his neck aside and savagely ripped into his throat, sinking her long, sharp ivory canines into his jugular deeply.

Donovan gasped and shuddered at being teared open . Both his body and his spirit were churning with lust as his eyes clouded over with a pale white film, the pearly digits splattered with blood from the mingling of vampiric flesh. He stood enthralled at Obrey's opened chest and then at the blood encrusted dagger, enslaved by his demon wanting and extacy, feeling his neck being ravaged by her hot piercing fangs, tearing into him with an unstopable force.

Donovan wrapped his fist around the handle of the sharp vice and moved it silkily over Obrey's naked, flesh,devouring her with his eyes and thinking to himself that she was possibly the most beautiful cennobite his eyes had ever laid claim to. He moved the blade lower, tearing any clothes that remained on her lower, uncut , unsoiled body and dropped the dagger to the floor next to his knees with a clang as he gazed lustily upon his angel, trying to decide whether to drink from her, kiss her or slash her. All of these thoughts burned deeply within his soul.

Chuckling to herself as Obrey could always seem to read Donovan's mind without too much effort, she thought back to him "you don't HAVE a soul you arrogant prick and neither do I"....smirking at him through her blood stained lips, she used her wet, bloodied body and the floor beneath them to her advantage. Staring up at him evily, biting her lip, licking it, snarling at her adversary, Obrey moved her talons seductively over her breasts and thighs.....moving her now bloodied knees through the pool of blood , pushing herself up and down the floor like a whore, lost in the extacy of her own naked touch., knowing how hot this was making Donovan, groaning as she silkily plunged two very red fingers through the opening to her velvet layers, laying claim to their own desire...runing her thumb over her hard, aching nub and crying out in front of Donovan......his eyes clouded over with lust....moving his large masculine hands over his prick, growling demonically as he jerked off in front of her.....wanting to feel her aching tightness around his prick, obstaining himself so he could rape her first..

Daring him to clome closer, Obrey's teeth glistening in the darkness, taunting him with her body the way she knew she could, she snarled at him and spoke through ragged breaths, "What's the matter, lover? Can't control yourself, hmmm? Come after me then! " Obrey's lip curled into an evil sneer and crooked the forefinger of her right hand, the blood off the tip of it dripping onto her naked breast.

Ensnared by a mixture of Obrey's great beauty and the large amount of blood that covered her and the floor around her, Donovan stood taken aback as she writhed sensually on the floor, reaching down by his right knee and grabbing ahold of the sharp dagger again, his hands now shaking terribly, wanting to have his love in every way but contemplating his options. He so wanted to take her completely in just a simple gesture of lust and lovemaking, yet at the same time he wanted to hurt his angel beyond her ability to rise up again. He wanted desperately to just drain Obrey of her life force completely and have his way with her cold, drained body, much like a coroner would upon his unsuspecting corpse.

Donovan sighed deeply, and decided it was time to make his mind up. Quick as a flash he moved between Obrey's still warm, naked thighs and brushed his soft, bloodied lips upon her quiverring pussy and dove within her velvety wetness, making his minion writhe even more. Obrey bit her lips and looked down at her idlewild lover and the fallic like object encased in his right hand. She signaled to him with her groans that he could have his way with her in which ever form he desired, Donovan reached out, grabbed her hips to him with his left hand, snarled deep within his chest and drove the piercing blade deep within her cunt , fucking her repeatedly while she screamed, scratching her tallons into the floor, thrashing her head back and forth, fully possessed by the demons that controlled her,

Obrey felt the blade envelop her insides and something inside her growled out, thrusting herself against his hand and the weapon he fucked her with...moaning, taking her left hand and pinching her left breast, pulling more blood out of her semi weak body ...the blood loss draining her life, her only salvation from weakness and death the lust that dwelled inside her and rose ever on the further Donovan pushed her. Her right hand moved through the blooddrenched floor and over her tight stomach, resting on her lovely pink clit and rubbing it faster as Donovans breathing grew lower and more irregular, growling and raping her, Obrey urged him on as her insides were torn out, her fingers on her clit moving faster and faster, writhing in orgasm as she moaned and shuddered all over.....her white filmy liquid spilling out of her lovely pussy, mixing with the crimson wetness of the shiny onxy floor surrounding them both.

Donovan pulled the blade slowly out of Obrey's glistening mound and threw it to the floor, snarling at her, wanting her more now than ever, he knelt softly between Obrey's legs and dove his mouth into her pussy, moving his long, demonic tongue over her intoxicating muff , tasting her warm sweetness, groaning in pleasure as he pulled on her legs and put them over his chest, one leg on each side, moving his mouth away from her and grabbing ahold of his long, hard aching cock, shoving his prick deep within her, fucking her as she closed her eyes and screamed out his name... Donovan shuddered at the intense feelings her pussy was giving his hot prick, withdrawing it slowly and thrusting into her as hard as he possibly could, leaning over his angel, kissing her slowly and sensually, ramming his tongue down her throat as her talons wrapped around his neck and pulled him closer, moaning into his throat incoherently.

He bucked his hips hard against her vampiric ass, grunting hard as he fucked her sweet cunt, moaning as her muscles tightened more around him, feeling her cum over and over in multiorgasmic bliss as he drove his tool harder and harder into her, not caring if he hurt her just wanting to fuck her brains out until he came deep within her..Slamming violently against her ass, Donovan screamed and impaled his dick deep within Obrey, shuddering as he came for what seemed like minutes. Shaking with the sheer weight of their orgasms, his head reeling, his eyes playing plasmatic tricks on him, swooning in an eerie pool of transcendental lust, he tightened his arms around Obrey and laid peacefully on top of her , his breathing becoming even with hers,

Donovan laid his naked chest down fully on top of her, wrapped her legs fully around his body and drove back into her slowly, making love to her sweetly this time, kissing her neck and her lips seductively, his eyes turning back to normal, his body losing some of its demonic allure, just wanting to be a man for a while, fucking his sweet angel. Obrey tightened her own arms around Donovan and sighed deeply , thrusting her own hips against him as they rocked in unison, the weight of their love mingled with the sweet seductive scent of sex and blood wracking through both of them, cumming together in a slow, sensual climax, Donovan and Obrey sighed together in relief and melted into each other., moaning and sighing over and over as their bodies became one spirit, iridescent and beautiful, running all through them as it carried both of them away into dreamland.. in a land where demons don't dream.

by ~*Rain~* © Copyright 2003, All rights Reserved.